Our healthcare is on the line

by Ali Fuhrman

Every summer we sit down with Hennepin County HR and labor relations to review our healthcare plans for the coming year. This year we’re looking at huge increases and a big overhaul of our healthcare. We’re facing 57% to 127% premium increases to maintain a no-deductible plan, $20 to $65 copays, and more billing headaches from UMR.

We hope you’ve reviewed the proposed plans in the emails we’ve sent and the seven town halls we’ve hosted. UMR lied to us and so did the county. Now they need to be accountable and pay for their mistakes. This healthcare edition of our newsletter features speeches given at a recent commissioner meeting along with the many ways you can help. We have until August 31 to move the county. We hope you’re willing to fight these increases with us and say:

  • No cost increases to workers!
  • Use COVID or county reserves to pay the $42 million increase!

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